Welcome to Twelve Points Business Advisors

Welcome to Twelve Points Business Advisors

A Personal Approach to Business Transactions

With the help of Twelve Points Business Advisors, business owners will be provided with a personal approach to their proposed business transactions. Whether it is going through a merger or selling to another business, the Twelve Points Business Advisor team will help evaluate and assess the feasibility of a transaction. They will work with business owners to develop a personal financial plan and represent them in the negotiation and closing process. Finally, business owners will be able to lean on their Twelve Points Business Advisor team to assist them with a successful transition.

Our Team

Dave Clayman

Co-Founder And CEO

Laura Moruzzi

Managing Director

Manny Frangiadakis

Co-Founder And Principal

Phillip C. Thomas

Senior Business Advisor

Scott McDermott

Senior Advisor.
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