Twelve points Webinars

The following is the schedule for our Twelve Points Business Advisors Webinar Series. Hosted by our Twelve Points Business Advisors team, these webinars are intended to give you knowledge and insight on specific, timely topics that are pertinent to each stage of a business owner’s journey. 

Upcoming Webinars

April 2024

How to Increase Value Through the FOUR Intangible Capitals

4/22 @ 10:00 AM

80% of a company’s valuation is actually tied up in the qualitative aspects of your business. In this webinar, learn how to value and grow the FOUR intangible capitals that make up the 80% of your business through an informative and action based presentation from Dave Clayman and Jake Crowley.

Past Webinars

October 2023
Position Your Company For A Sale


In this webinar, we discussed, among other topics, the following:

  1. The advantages of hiring an investment bankers
  2. A typical transaction timeline
  3. How a strong management team influences the attractiveness of a business to potential buyers
  4. The importance of detailed and accurate financial statements in the sales process
  5. Financial metrics that potential buyers look for, and how do these metrics influence the valuation of a business
  6. Working capital and the role it play in the sale of a business
  7. Due diligence and what documents and information should be readily available
  8. The differences between a stock sale and an asset sale transaction

February 2024
Understanding How the 5 Stages of Value Can Transform Your Company

2/28 @ 8:00 AM

The value of a business goes far beyond the P&L and balance sheets. In this 45-minute webinar, Dave Clayman explains the 5 stages of maximizing your company’s value. This process allows a business owner to do a deep dive into how their own values and goals align with those of their businesses in order to live a life of true legacy.

March 2024

Don’t Let the 5 D’s Destroy Your Business

3/28 @ 2:00 PM

In order to make sure that your business is valuable, transferrable, and attractive at any given moment, be sure to protect your business from the 5 D’s that could destroy your business.

Featured Speaker

Dave Clayman,
AIF®, CPFA®, CMT®, C(K)P®, CPWA®, CEPA® Co-Founder And CEO

Successfully leading fellow business owners isn’t just a job: it’s a calling. When business owners seek clarity around business valuation and confidence that their hard work and personal goals are aligned, they seek out Dave Clayman. Many business owners experience frustration with the lack of coordination between their advisors and are often far too busy to handle things themselves.

Working with Dave, clients experience collaboration with a professional who shares a similar experience; enabling them to chart a path to freedom – whatever that may mean to them. For some, it’s less time in the office and more time with family, for others, it’s expanding their business into new ventures. Still others seek to reduce the stress of uncertainty. Whatever their particular freedom, each client knows that Dave will challenge and support them in realizing their life’s work consistent with their values. While most advisors are only focused on the numbers contained within a financial statement, Dave augments this focus to include envisioning what is necessary to fully realize a life of significance.

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” – Dolly Parton

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