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Business Valuation

Do You Know The Value of Your Business?

Often times, business owners think they know how much their company is worth. But without the expertise and data to support that worth from a professional business valuation, business owners risk undervaluing their largest asset when they look to exit.

Twelve Points Business Advisors works with business owners from financial analysis through highlighting intangible assets to ensure an appropriate business valuation that is a true indication of your company’s worth.

M&A Advisory

Exit your business seamlessly with help from the right M&A advisory firm

Working with the right M&A advisory firm gives you the professional knowledge you need to successfully accelerate your sales. With deep expertise and a years of experience, the Twelve Points Business Advisors team will work with you through each stage to structure a deal that meets your goals.

Value Enhancement

Proven Strategies to Enhance Your Business Value

Business owners often want to know “how do I increase the value of my business?” Business value enhancement strategies can include competitor and client reviews, marketing strategies and industry analysis to help make a big difference to your company’s value and sale price. Twelve Points Business Advisors offers a range of business value enhancement services to help companies prepare for their future.

Growth Consulting

Solutions to Accelerate Your Business Growth

The Twelve Points Business Advisors team offers years of experience developing and implementing growth strategies for privately held companies across a range of size and industry. We offer solutions that help business owners accelerate growth, increase value and prepare for a successful future.

Selling a Business

Sell Your Business With an Effective Exit Strategy

Through our proven process, we help business owners looking to sell their business find the true value of their company. Twelve Points Business Advisors ensures you have the knowledge you need to make decisions about your future and be successful in the exiting process.

Buying a Business

Buy A Business That’s Buyer Ready

We ensure that every privately-held business we work with is buyer ready, complete with the most detailed and extensive documentation available. Twelve Points Business Advisors has some of the most experienced and capable dealmakers in the industry. If you are interested in buying a business, our clients represent a diverse selection of opportunities from almost every industry.

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